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Benefits of Blogging for Business | King Kongtent, Content Writing Agency, Brisbane, Australia


Search engines love fresh content, and blogging is one of the most straightforward and inexpensive methods for a business to keep their website relevant, engaging and active.

When a business creates blog posts on a regular basis, they are telling Google, Bing, and other search engines to return to their site to index all their fresh content on a regular basis, which helps you rank higher on Search Engine Results Pages.

This is also the perfect opportunity for your businesses to insert those relevant keywords your consumers use to search for your services.


Engagement with customers is an immensely important part of online marketing.

Your blog provides you the means to connect with your existing and potential customers in a different, more conversational way.

Customers have learned to recognise "sales copy" and tend to have their guard up when they spot it. Blogging is a good way to build trust with your target audience through high quality content that they find relevant – and valuable.

If you choose to you can also have a comments section, allowing you to follow the visitors' feedback on your posts.  By responding to their comments, you have a direct avenue to building trust and relationships on a more personal level.


It doesn't matter if your business is smaller than your competitors – with a high-quality blog, you can position yourself to be far more authoritative and respectable. Not only do blogs build trust with consumers, they establish your credibility and build your reputation in your industry.

By providing valuable content in your blog, you showcase your expertise and boost your reputation. Your potential consumers get to see your company's knowledge and come to understand that you're good at what you do.

By regularly posting blogs that are helpful and informative, your business will eventually become a go-to source of information in your industry or niche, leading to more enquiries, more referrals, and higher conversion rates.


Brand awareness is an immensely important element of marketing, and blog posting allows you to connect with your customers in a way not possible through outbound marketing.

Blogging allows you to show your followers a more personal side of your business; you can open up your brand message and engage existing and prospective customers using "soft" sales, by addressing their needs with your content.

Your blog should be an extension of your company, providing readers with an articulated sense of your business's vision, knowledge, standards, and personality.


One of the most powerful benefits of blogging is the opportunity it creates for others to share the link to your blog.

This creates the potential for viral traffic and exponential market growth. With so many different sharing platforms available, visitors can share the direct link to the blog, tweet it, share it on social media, or email it to a friend. This is the equivalent of free marketing; if you're not doing it already, you're leaving money on the table.

Ready to start blogging?

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