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According to a survey carried out by Pardot, consumers trust a company's content THREE TIMES more than they trust the company's actual employees.

The same survey showed that 97% of consumers have come to distrust brands simply by companies using bad content.


So, how much time and effort are you putting into your content?

Improving web content writing is something that all good businesses should be interested in, and it's one of our most-requested services. Below are a few tips for aspiring content writers to keep in mind when it comes to sharpening their web content writing skills:

Start with keyword research for SEO

Building your website content is like building a house – and keywords are the walls holding it together. You wouldn't put in the floor, the tiles, the appliances, the roof, and then start thinking about where to put the walls, would you? SEO keyword research tells you which topics Google and your target audience find relevant – they are the map guiding people to your website. In content marketing, SEO keyword research is considered the most important part of digital marketing.

Your content should always have a call to action (CTA)

Why are you writing this content, after all? "So that people can read it" is not really a great answer, sorry… After your reader finishes traversing the page, you *must* present them with a logical next step. Don't be shy. What is it you want them to do? Tell them! Is it: subscribe to your newsletter? Get in contact with you? Make a purchase? Download an eBook/online course? Share the content on social media? If you don't tell your reader what to do, guess what they're going to do. That's right – they leave.

Target your reader's emotions – make them feel something

This goes hand in hand with CTAs. If you manage to connect with your reader through your content, it's a lot easier to guide them to their next step. Not only that – if you want any chance of your content going viral, it must have emotional impact. Think about all the items that make you pause when you scroll your newsfeed each day. They all evoke some emotion in you, whether it be inspiration, anger, joy or intrigue. When you finish writing, look back and ask the question, "How can I increase the emotional impact here?"

Update your old links

Remember that article you wrote last February? No? Well, neither does Google. Going back and revamping your old web content with fresh hyperlinks and up-to-date keywords is a great way to leverage existing content for SEO; by updating old pages you're indicating to search engines that there is new content for them to crawl and index, boosting your page ranking.

Follow SEO best practices

Here we're talking about H2 Headers, image alt tags, page titles and meta descriptions. It is *staggering* how many so-called professional websites neglect these fundamental aspects of SEO. Don't be them. Perform an audit of your website, page by page, and fill in the blanks. Your search engine ranking will thank you for it.

Get to the point

You're not writing an epic adventure saga with your web content. You're getting a message across – clear and simple. Write short, concise sentences, and use language/terminology that your audience won't have trouble understanding. It all starts with a good introduction – make the readers care, and make them interested, fast.

The importance of proofreading

With great tools like Grammarly available, there is absolutely no excuse for typos, bad punctuation or incorrect grammar in web content today. Nothing kills consumer engagement or your company reputation faster than basic copy errors. If you want to take your content from good to great, you can engage a professional proofreading and editing service – like ours.

Your content should provide value

Why is someone reading your web content? What was it that brought them to your site? Every user journey begins with a question – if your content doesn't answer that question, you have failed. Want to go the extra mile for your readers? Once you've answered their question, give them something for free. An eBook, an online course, a downloadable template, or a webinar. Give them something to remember you by, and not only will they come back for more, they'll tell their friends.

Always be learning

The fact that you're reading this article/infographic means that you're proactively pursuing levelling up your content writing skills. That's great. The trick is not to stop here. Subscribe to our blog, or check out some of our other great posts and keep expanding your skill set:


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