Ask Your Brisbane SEO Agency About These Search Engine Optimisation Services

Before hiring a Brisbane SEO agency to help you with your SEO strategy, here are five search engine optimisation services to ask about to make sure you team up with the right company.

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In this article:

  1. SEO Audit 
  2. Competitor Analysis 
  3. Keyword Research and Selection 
  4. SEO Content Strategy Crafting 
  5. On- and Off-Page SEO Optimisation

5 Search Engine Optimisation Services Your Brisbane SEO Agency Should Be Offering

1. SEO Audit 

A reputable SEO agency in Brisbane should be able to offer SEO auditing as a foremost service.

With an in-depth search engine audit, your agency can paint a better picture of your current efforts. 

An in-depth audit reveals the strengths and weaknesses of your website's ranking and organic search stats. From here, the agency can improve the good and fix the bad. 

An SEO audit also gives the agency a benchmark to measure their optimisation work against. It should also be the baseline by which you measure the return on your investment.

Tip: Watch out for SEO agencies that don't provide a thorough audit for your website. It could hint that the agency uses a template strategy instead of one that can really address your organic search needs.


2. Competitor Analysis 

The mantra, "keep your friends close and your enemies closer," doesn't just hold up in the business world. In fact, it's an essential service your search engine optimisation agency should be offering.

An SEO competitor analysis helps you:

  • Identify the keywords your competitors are ranking for,
  • Estimate the amount of traffic your competitor's pages get, and
  • Capitalise on search opportunities left by your competitors. 

Tip: Partner with an SEO agency that regularly keeps track of your competitor's pages. This helps keep your SEO strategy relevant and competitive.


3. Keyword Research and Selection 

Keyword research is probably the most familiar of all SEO services. 

When your partner SEO agency helps you choose keywords, they'll base their recommendations on an in-depth SEO audit and competitor analysis.

Sometimes, SEO audits and competitor analyses will still leave you with a ton of keywords to choose from. Top-tier agencies should be able to further shorten the list to help achieve these results:

  • Establish your authority in a niche topic,
  • Drive organic website traffic, and
  • Boost your page's search ranking on Google.


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4. SEO Content Strategy Crafting 

Coming up with an SEO content strategy is the core of all SEO services. 

When your partner agency bases your page's SEO and content strategy on your business goals, you'll be sure to get results, whether it be traffic, leads, or sign-ups.

It's crucial to team up with an SEO agency in Brisbane that's as committed to your goals as you are. Agencies that offer cookie-cutter strategies won't do.

Tip: When you talk to an SEO agency about your company's goals, make sure to be as specific as you can. Being particular helps them craft a more efficient and pointed strategy.


5. On- and Off-Page SEO Optimisation

Reputable SEO agencies should be able to put their money where their mouth is. 

Simply put, if they were able to come up with a strategy, they should also be able to implement it and show results from it.

Professional search engine optimisation agencies should be knowledgeable in implementing on- and off-page SEO.

Here's what on-page SEO services your partner agency should be able to help you with:

  • Optimise title tags, alt tags, and meta descriptions, and
  • Ensure proper keyword placement and frequency.

When it comes to off-page SEO, here are the services your agency should provide you:

  • Promote internal, external, and backlinks throughout your website, and
  • Speed-up your webpage's loading times.

Tip: Choose an SEO agency that doesn't just give you initial SEO reports. Partner up with an agency that regularly updates you. This way, you can monitor your website's progress and make changes wherever necessary.


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